The stitch makes a difference…


The piece on the right was done with using a loom in a single knit stitch, while the stitch on right is a half double crochet.

As you can tell from the samples the single knit looks more uniform in rows and the half double crochet looks more like paint puddles or splatters.

The stitch you use on any project can really change the look of it so I highly recommend you do a little test piece of the stitch (or stitches) you wish to use so you can get a feel for how the yarn will look before you get to far in to your project to change your mind.

I’ve been busy :)


I love crocheting scarves in the winter. They make great gifts and it gives me an excuse to buy tons of yarn in many different colors. If I work with one color to long I get a bit bored so with scarves since I can make them pretty quickly I never get bored. It’s a win, win đŸ™‚

Monsters Inc inspired baby blanket.


A few months ago I participated in an online gift exchange on Reddit gifts. The theme of the exchange was Disney, so I was pretty excited. I was matched up to a girl that was pregnant with her first child and who also was a Disney fan. I wanted to make her something special but sadly the exchange ended before she knew the sex of her baby. I promised her once she knew I’d make her a special gift. She contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know she was having a boy named Connor. She also mentioned her nursery was Monsters Inc themed, so I did a play on Sculley (the big green/blue monster). I hope she enjoys her new bundle of joy and also her special gift.

DIY Bows

My Mom has been a huge fan of bows ever since I could remember. 99% of the time she has one in her hair. I thought it would be fun to make my Mom some bows to add to her collection. It turned out to be pretty easy, quick and fun project.




Crochet Baby Blanket




I made this blanket at the request of my Cousin .Her Cousin is welcoming a new baby boy sometime in the next few weeks. I really hope little Kayden enjoys his new blanket and it will be something he and his family can cherish long time.

Color’s used:

Vanna’s Choice® Yarn Chocolate

Vanna’s Choice® Yarn Aqua

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